About the cg's founder

Cindy Makita, born and raised in South Africa with a Congolese background, works as an Analyst for an asset management company located in Downtown Miami. After moving to the United States in 2014 to pursue a degree in Business, she graduated Magna cum laude as a Worlds Ahead Graduate with her Bachelor's Degree in International Business from Florida International University's Honors College, where she was an active student leader.  From traveling to India to support a project to help empower women from a village to earn income for their families, to being involved in social entrepreneurship programs and leading advocacy groups, Cindy is passionate about helping and connecting people, as well as empowering communities.

Cindy started The CG out of a need for more focused career and life advice for her peers. She was often posed questions related to excelling in college, securing internships, entering the job market after graduating, and transitioning careers. Cindy thought The CG would be a great platform to answer all of these questions, and more, and help her peers excel in their respective spaces. In the past, Cindy has helped several people connect with the right sources to help them attain jobs or internships, and she hopes to continue to do this on a greater scale through The CG. Her love for helping people, coupled with a  gap in the market for targeted peer-to-peer  career advice, brought about the idea to have a "one-stop-shop" career guidance platform to help determined individuals achieve success.

Cindy hopes that through The CG, students, recent graduates, entrepreneurs and even seasoned professionals, will find a piece of advice or a "key" to help them unlock the door to the next level of success. Cindy hopes The CG will assist people on their journey to what they define as success within their careers.

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