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 All you needed was a Guide. Although we believe success is relative, this platform offers various resources that will help you take the necessary steps towards achieving your definition of success within your career. From blog posts on career planning, to expert advice from professionals, The CG serves as your one-stop-shop for the personalized career guidance you need, and have been seeking. 

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 The Power of Connections. We believe in the importance of having a strong network. From local events in your city, to connecting to our virtual network, this platform will teach you how to network, along with connecting you with the right people when you need it. We also feature job postings from employers we have connections with, so we can share our connections with you. 

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We have the scoop. The CG features individuals from various industries and corporate levels with varying years of experience, in an attempt to offer our readers first-hand advice and key success tips. What better way to learn about success than from those who live it. Whether you want to give or receive advice, The CG offers a platform for you to do so. So, join in.  

About The CG.

 The CG was created out of a need for more relatable, centralized, and value-added career advice for students, recent graduates, and young professionals.
At The CG, we believe in the importance of the value you offer to your future employer, teams and even in establishing your own business.
The CG strives to help you create the best version of you.
Through targeted career guidance, personal branding advice, networking and opportunities, The CG will help you build your value-offering and in turn, help you go to the next level in your career-
​wherever you are starting from. 


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 Getting involved, building relationships and fostering mutually enriching exchanges has helped me navigate my transition from college to my professional career. While working side by side with Cindy in the E-board of UN Women at FIU, I had the opportunity to foster a supportive and transformative professional relationship with her....

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Christiane d'orcasberro - Mastercard

 While applying for a job in the United States I noticed that networking is incredibly important during a job search. The right employee referral can increase your chances of landing a job. In my case, I met Cindy Makita on a trip to India organized by FIU (Florida International University) and we maintained contact afterwards...

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